Final Year Project -  Spazio Labo’ Bologna

Silver Gelatine Hand Print
ed. 7 + 2AP
17.7 x 22.8 cm

Election Box is a project which starts from the experience of working as a poll clerk for the elections in Italy. While looking at people in the act of voting, I was fascinated by the mystery of watching them disappear inside the “box”. All I could see was the lower part of their bodies, legs, knees and feet. What was happening on the top was hidden to my eyes. I decided to built my own election box and create a series of self portraits where I performed scenes related to memories, dreams and fantasies.
The project explores issues of migration, displacement and citizenship in relation to my upbringing in Italy. In fact, Italy does not attribute its citizenship based on jus soli, which means children of migrants born in Italian soil have to wait until the age of eighteen to gain citizenship rights.
As the daughter of Togolaise migrants I wasn’t granted citizenship until my mother remarried to an Italian man. With an element of irony and play, the project represents a critique on this unfair system.